Healing vs Masking Pain - ActivMend

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ActivMend is a game-changer because, unlike most products, it amplifies the body’s natural ability to heal itself rather than simply masking the pain. When you sprain your ankle, your body naturally works to repair the damage — ActivMend amplifies this response. The hydrogel patches do not contain painkillers like most products. Instead, ActivMend reduces pain by truly healing the injury. Read our testimonials to see how dramatic the results can be.

If ActivMend can heal your injury, it will stay improved unless re-injured. Your level of improvement depends on what your body can heal and if there is permanent damage. If your body can heal itself from your injury, ActivMend should be able to accelerate the recovery.

ActivMend is a localized treatment.This means that ActivMend deploys directly to a limited area of the body, which typically helps relieve minor sprains and strains to tendons, ligaments and muscles. If your pain is not localized, ActivMend may not help.

ActivMend is not designed for severe injuries that require a physician. If your problem is severe enough to require a physician’s attention, prescription medications or therapies, ActivMend is likely not the best treatment option for you.

ActivMend will not address underlying issues related to bones, including arthritis. Some patients have reported improvement in arthritic pain, but unlike with soft tissues, it will be a temporary fix.