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Based on 13 reviews
Helped with my healing

I was excited to try ActivMend on my sore shoulder which was caused by an impingement. I followed the protocol for five days and felt no relief but two days later, the effects kicked in and I felt much better! I am currently in PT but plan on being discharged this week. I think the AcivMend patch helped with my healing. I am excited to try it on other injuries.

Actually works!

These actually work! Ive had my back pain for over 20 years and within 12 hours of wearing this patch my pain has almost completely diminished.

Don't think about my elbow anymore

I've had extreme elbow pain (similar to tendonitis or arthritis) for a few months, so was open to trying the ActivMend patch, to see if anything would work. I had very few expectations but followed the instructions on the box of patches. Before I knew it, and by the second pack of 5 patches, I wasn't constantly thinking about my elbow, or modifying my everyday movements. I completed 2, 5 day cycles and my elbow pain is gone and has not returned.

Pain is Gone

I have recurring pain in my left knee. The pain most often feels like a hot pain and I generally self massage to try and relieve it. After using the patch for three days I started to notice the pain was subsiding. After day five the pain was gone.The patches are easy to use and easily fit on your knee underneath jeans and leggings.

Incredible results

I noticed incredible results in just three days, I have chronic knee pain and I was able to go on long walks and be on my feet for hours without pain.

Significant change overnight

I sprained the arch of my foot on a run, and I was in IMMENSE pain and unable for really walk for a few days. After receiving my patches, I saw a significant change overnight in the swelling and bruising, and just after 1 week of using the patches, I am able to walk without pain and started working out again! As a dancer that had experienced many injuries, I was shocked to be back on my feet so quickly! Highly recommend!

Pain went from 8 to 1

"I have daily should pain from a 30-year-old injury and often have trouble sleeping. I noticed the ActivMend patch made a noticeable difference after only 2 days, on day 5 my pain level was reduced from an 8 to a 1.After 3 weeks my pain started to return so I used ActivMend for another 5-day cycle and my pain diminished again. I asked my wife to keep a box of ActivMend in our house for future relief.

Can put surgery off

Before I used the ActivMend I had trouble sleeping at night from my injured/torn rotator cuff pain. After the second day of use my pain disappeared at night and during the day my movement was much better. Also, my pain with movement was significantly reduced. I was close to having another surgery but hopefully can put it off for awhile.

Complete relief

ActivMend gave me quick, complete relief from my chronic hip pain which allowed me to return to sleeping well through the night. It is easy to use and has no funny odor or fragrance.

Felt much better

I recommend it , I felt much better after 3 days of using this product.

I can sleep!

The biggest difference is at night. I'm a side sleeper, and shoulder pain keeps me tossing and turning all night. With the patch, I am able to stay on that shoulder much longer. The difference is noticeable.

Pain disappeared

My shoulder was interfering with my ability to exercise, sleep, and I was in near constant pain throughout the day. I tried physical therapy, medical massages and rest. Nothing seemed to work. In 5 days of using Activmend, the pain literally disappeared. After another couple of weeks, my strength returned fully.

Pain is gone

I used ActivMend on my knee that ached from a bad sprain, wearing the patch provided relief and in 5 days the pain was gone.