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Dr. Jo Polich was satisfied with her career as an engineer, leading successful projects at IBM and Alcatel, until her daughter got sick. She took her to specialist after specialist, but no one could figure out how to treat her toddler.

In desperation, Dr. Jo bought her daughter a natural remedy. For the first time in a year, her daughter’s digestive issues disappeared.

Curious, Dr. Jo researched more remedies and their efficacy. She decided to leave her position as Director of Engineering and devote her time to caring for patients. She earned a medical degree and opened her own practice, delving into the science behind the treatment.

Dr. Jo’s first high-potency hydrogel, OcuMend, won over many respected dermatologists by healing their patient’s bruising and pain. Their support was so convincing that Allergan licensed the technology for cosmetic dermatology. This was the first ever licensing of an arnica product by a major pharmaceutical company. ActivMend improves on Dr. Jo’s original formula to help athletes, like you, get back to your sport, your routine and your life at full speed


We only offer products that promote true healing, rather than masking the pain. We will tell you if our product can’t heal your injury and suggest alternatives whenever possible. If you don’t find relief with ActivMend, we will provide a complete refund. Your recovery is our measure of success.