ActivMend 24-Hour Therapy at 300 Times the Potency

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There are hundreds of Arnica gels, but ActivMend is the only Arnica hydrogel patch of its strength on the market. Our ultra-high potency formula will help you get back your active lifestyle with long-lasting relief.


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates Arnica and the other five remedies in ActivMend. The FDA defines potencies with the units X, C and M. A potency of 1X = 1/2C, and a potency of 1M = 1000C.

While most popular arnica gels only have a potency of 1X (1/2 C), ActivMend has a potency of 1M (1,000C). ActivMend’s patent protects all Arnica hydrogels with potencies higher than 3C.


In her private practice, Dr. Jo observed that the longer the application, the better the results for her patients. Most Arnica gels absorb into the skin — with other products, you’d have to keep applying and reapplying for a longer treatment. Dr. Jo designed ActivMend to deploy for 24 hours continuously on the skin through using our patented hydrogel nanotechnology.

Each box comes with tape and five 24-hour healing gel patches for 120 hours of therapy. Dr. Jo strongly recommends that ActivMend be applied continuously for five days.