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Athlete Story

Kate, San Diego, CA (2:53 Marathoner)

"I’ve been running for 14 years but I was never able to run over 45 miles a week without getting injured. I’ve dealt with Plantar Fasciitis on and off for about seven years and nothing has worked to completely eliminate it. I used ActivMend on my arches and for the first time in years, I was running completely pain-free.It has now been six months and my Plantar Fasciitis never returned! I think I’ve finally fully healed.

With injuries out of the picture, I was able to ramp up my training to 60 miles/week and went on to run a 3:04 marathon (9 minutes faster than my personal best time). I then decided to try to break 3 hours, soI ran another marathon just 4 months later and finished in 2:53! I’ve now shaved a total of 20 minutes off that previous time and joined the elite sub-3 club.I truly believe I would not have been able to run back-to-back marathons and break 3 hours if not for ActivMend."

Recover Faster, Perform Better.

Dr. Jo invented ActivMend to heal the injuries of as many people as possible. From professional athletes to weekend warriors, we’ve seen astounding results with the use of ActivMend.

Football players are missing fewer games due to injury, and pro tennis players have gone from being in pain to winning tournaments, just days later. These types of stories aren’t uncommon around here.

ActivMend has the power to accelerate healing and reduce recovery time, getting you back to doing what you love, faster.

Accelerate Healing, Naturally.

ActivMend is unique as it amplifies your body’s natural healing response. When you are injured, your body works hard to release cytokines and other healing elements to repair the damage.

Nature has perfected the healing process over thousands of years, so we should support its uniquely powerful action. Many things reduce the pain, like ibuprofen or steroids; however, it is a short-term fix that may be harmful in the long run.

Optimal performance starts with optimal recovery.

By healing the root cause of your injury and accelerating the recovery process, you can perform at a higher level with less down time.

ActivMend works in tandem with your body, making it an excellent tool for those striving to perform at their best, naturally.

Fix the Root Cause of the Issue

Eliminate joint, muscle, tendon and ligament pain

Accelerate your body’s natural healing response

Reduce inflammation of the tissue

Reduce recovery time

Enjoy running for years to come!

Long-Lasting Results

Because ActivMend heals the root cause of your injury, the results are long-lasting. You should experience relief for months, if not years, unless re-injured. Our standard protocol is five days of continuous treatment.

It is critical to follow the instructions if you wish to experience complete healing. Many athletes begin to notice results and pain-relief immediately, but it is essential to complete the five-day protocol to ensure long-lasting results.

Give your body the time it takes to heal so you come back stronger.

Make Your Comeback Stronger Than Your Setback

At least 50% of regular runners get injured each year, according to Yale Medicine. These injuries are not only hard on the body, they also take a toll on your mental well-being. We understand the need to heal quickly. ActivMend will get you back to doing what you love, faster.

Try it risk-free with our 100% money-back guarantee.

Don’t Wait Until Injury Strikes

We’ve found that runners who use ActivMend at the first sign of pain are able to avoid more serious injury and continue running.

Unique Patented Hydrogel Healing Technology

ActivMend hydrogel patches are the only ones in the world. We know this because Dr. Jo looked all over the world for something similar and found nothing. She decided to use her engineering degrees to figure out why nobody could make a high potency arnica patch and invent one herself. With a lot of trial and error and a little luck, she stumbled upon the only way to make an ultra-high potency arnica patch and her personal calling is to bring this healing product to the world.