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  • TREAT YOUR INJURY, DON’T JUST MASK THE PAIN. ActivMend is the first over-the-counter treatment option that actually addresses and heals the root cause of your pain, not just masking the symptoms, for long-lasting pain relief. While other treatment options simply cover the symptoms of your pain through heat, cooling or NSAIDs, ActivMend uses the same patented technology used by top doctors to actually address the cause of the pain and fix the injury, so you can feel relief that lasts even after you stop using the treatment.
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN TECHNOLOGY REDUCES RECOVERY TIME. Our very own patented HASA nanotechnology reduces swelling, bruising, and pain from minor injuries to joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Trusted by medical doctors, pharmacists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and athletic trainers.
  • 24 HOUR THERAPY AT 300X THE POTENCY. ActivMend’s ultra-high potency, long-lasting formula is the only Arnica hydrogel patch of this strength on the market. Our patented hydrogel technology deploys directly to the site of the injury continuously for 24 hours. Each box comes with kinesiology tape, athletic wrap, and five 24-hour healing gel patches for 120 hours of therapy to get you back to the sport of life.
  • ARNICA + ACTIVMEND “POWER 5 FORMULA”. In Dr. Jo’s experience, Arnica alone is not enough to treat minor injuries to joints, ligaments, and tendons. ActivMend’s unique ‘Power 5’ formula includes additional remedies necessary to mend minor soft tissue injuries, including Ruta, Rhus Tox, Natrum, Hypericum, and Ledum.
  • BE AS COMMITTED TO YOUR RECOVERY AS YOU ARE TO YOUR TRAINING. Keep on for five days of continuous treatment, healing you while you exercise and sleep.

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Just received them

So far so good. Love the cooling feeling.

It works

It works not only on injuries but common soreness and pain from playing sports and exercise

Great relief

Worked great

Works incredibly well !!!

I worked through 2 injuries during my Half-Ironman training, and using Activmend got me back to training in 2 to 3 days. I've tried a lot of fixes and solutions and this one is the one that really allows my body to recover the quickest and gets me back to full strength and flexibility.

ActivMend 5-Day Treatment (5 ARNICA + “POWER 5 FORMULA” Patches)
Elaine Schaefer Hudson (Citrus Heights, US)
Worked better than muscle rub

I've tried just about everything. This worked better than the drugstore stuff.

Good Product

So far so good Less pain

Very effective.

It’s easy to use. Set it and forget it. There wasn’t any info on the tape, though!

Knee pain much improved

I had PRP treatment on my knee which worked fabulously. However I gave this knee an accidental twist which brought back previous injury. I had intended to go back to my physician for another injection when I saw your ad. I decided to try before I paid big bucks for a follow up PRP treatment. At first I did not see much improvement, but after 5 days there was less pain and it has continued to improve even though I did not use Activmend after the recommended 5 days. Well worth the cost of the 5 day treatment.

PRP and ActivMend are similar. Both activate the body to heal and the effects last longer than the actual treatment. It is about kicking off the healing response and your body does the rest! We try hard to not promise magical fixes; but for many it is better than anything else they have tried. Be Well, Dr. Jo.

It seems to work, I have rotator injuries for more than 20 years,however, the first 5 patches seemed to repair the majority of ligaments. I’ll order another kit and see the longer term results

Fast relief!

Was great help with my knee took all the pain away first day. Was able to play my tennis.

Shoulder pain

Definitely helped. Not sure I’m cured.

Hi Danny, Thank you very much for your review. If the injury is severe enough it may require another 5 day treatment. Be Well, Dr. Jo.

I don't know if these work...

BUT - my son's diagnosed high ankle sprain healed in 3 weeks with 10 days of ActivMend!

great for tennis players

I am an avid tennis player with patella tendinitis. I have tried nearly every pain treatment imaginable. I wore my first activmend patch for 24 hours prior and during when I played tennis and my knee felt little to no pain while I played. Matt

Club Champion

Worked Great. First time in months I was able to play 18 holes pain free AND it didn't even hurt the next day!

immediate relief!!!

I was a little hesitant about trying these, but now I am a believer. I saw immediate relief a few hours after applying my first patch and was able to sleep throughout the night for the first time in months. I recommend these to everyone now.

Back and Shoulder Pain Better

My husband feels it’s working and asking me to reorder since 5 days for use every other day on back snd shoulder wasn’t enough. Since his back is way better now going to concentrate on the shoulder that has been injured for months!

good product

seems to work well . How many days in a row can you use this product ?. More than 5 i hope .
Would like a discount to keep using past 5 days .

Thank you,

Michael Morello

Hi Michael, There is certainly no harm in using ActivMend for more than 5 days, depending on the person and the injury, it may be necessary to do another 5-day treatment. We can only amplify your body’s own ability to heal. Others have asked for a quantity discount, so we now have a $10 per box discount on orders of 5 or more. Be Well, Dr. Jo.

So far so good

Day One and I am already feeling a loss of pain in my shoulder.


Just one day in with the use of Activ Mend. Seems to be working felt relief just after a few hours with the patch on

Surprisingly helpful

As an elderly person with fibromyalgia, I tend to get small overuse injuries of the shoulder frequently, and this last one had lingered for months. I used the patch for 5 days as directed and was happily surprised to find it at least 80% improved.

Put on my shoulder and it totally helped with my pain would recommend this product to anyone who had a similar problem.

Shoulder impingement

For my case which is an impinged shoulder, Activmend seemed to have good effect in relieving some pains. My pain started to decrease after the 3rd patch and gradually help my shoulder after 5th. I have gone through many PT sessions for years but not totally remove all pains. I try to avoid at all costs the surgery and may consult with Activmend whether I should continue wearing more patches. Overall, I believe the patches have positive effects but not completely cure my pains at present time. I guess there are other underlying issues with the shoulder and I have to accept it as long as I can increase some range of motion. I however recommend highly Activmend. Thank you.

Dear Mr. Tran, Thank you for the 5 star rating. The fact that you were helped by ActivMend made my day. I am not surprised that the swelling decreased with ActivMend which would reduce the bone rubbing on the rotator cuff (this is what impingement is). I would keep using ActivMend until you no longer see improvement. It is impossible to know how much ActivMend can heal it because there may be scar tissue. Be well, Dr. Jo

Helped with my healing

I was excited to try ActivMend on my sore shoulder which was caused by an impingement. I followed the protocol for five days and felt no relief but two days later, the effects kicked in and I felt much better! I am currently in PT but plan on being discharged this week. I think the AcivMend patch helped with my healing. I am excited to try it on other injuries.

Actually works!

These actually work! Ive had my back pain for over 20 years and within 12 hours of wearing this patch my pain has almost completely diminished.

Don't think about my elbow anymore

I've had extreme elbow pain (similar to tendonitis or arthritis) for a few months, so was open to trying the ActivMend patch, to see if anything would work. I had very few expectations but followed the instructions on the box of patches. Before I knew it, and by the second pack of 5 patches, I wasn't constantly thinking about my elbow, or modifying my everyday movements. I completed 2, 5 day cycles and my elbow pain is gone and has not returned.